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  • not tied to any art dealer or institution

Online Catalogue Project

  • Each artist is listed with a view to eventually showing all of that artist's work (catalogue raisonné)


  • An evolving resource 
    • - as images or works by the artist become available, the new information is added to the site


  • e.g. Caroline Armington has over 550 works listed, many with images


  • e.g. Un Bon Petit Somme by Frank Armington is an example of the detailed images possible click here


  • Search, or browse, the artists by using the search link above or click here


  • As information becomes available, other artists can be added


Search Indexes of Art Journals

  • Indexes from Selected Art Journals have been added to the site


  • Search Indexes by using the Periodical Search link above or click here


Grouped Works or Collections

In some cases works are best seen or appreciated as a group or collection

  • Commentaries or discussions of the grouping can be created and all works linked to the commentary


  • groupings can be viewed from the search page link above or click here 


  • e.g. Goya created a series of 80 prints in a folio called Los Caprichos
    • a comparison of the Los Caprichos Editions can be seen by using the link or clicking here
    • the "Associated Artworks" link at the side of the discussion page shows all 80 prints


  • Print Societies (such as The Woodcut Society ) issued prints by different artists

     these prints can be seen as part of the grouping for the Society


Information Wanted

  • Do you have a list (even partial) of artwork (in any medium) by an artist?

  • Do you have information to add to any of the entries in our database?

  • Do you have better images for any of the entries in our database?

  • Do you have access to an index for any art periodical, devoted to any medium?

If so, contact us


For more information use the FAQ link above.