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( b. Oct 9,1848 Covington,Kentucky,United States - d. Jan 3,1919 Cincinnati,Ohio,United States )
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Nude Figure Lying Down (1880 ) Ref:1880-001, Poole 1,etching
Fishing Quarter. Venice (1880) Ref:1880-002, Poole 2,etching
The Archway (1880) Ref:1880-003, Poole 3,etching and drypoint
The Grand Canal (Small Plate) (1880 ) Ref:1880-004, Poole 4,etching
Salute (Small Plate) (1880 ) Ref:1880-005, Poole 5,etching
Salute (Large Plate) (1880) Ref:1880-006, Poole 6,etching
Portrait Of Lady Colin Campbell (1880) Ref:1880-007, Poole 7,etching and drypoint
On The Thames (1880) Ref:1880-008, Poole 8,etching
Portrait Of Alexander (In A Hat) (1880) Ref:1880-009, Poole 9,etching
Portrait Of Alexander (Placed Left On Plate) (1880 ) Ref:1880-010, Poole 10,etching
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